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logo Number the Points (Aka Connect the Dots)

Number consecutive points within all Lines, LinearRings, and Polygons

  • Useful to debug individual points by number to identify loops in line segments, etc.
  • For each geometry containing Lines, LinearRings, and Polygons the original placemark is kept in the generated KML for reference but flagged as not visible.
  • A folder labeled with original placemark name is created for all such placemarks containing a set of numbered placemarks (1,2,3...).
  • If a polygon has innerBoundary elements each group of coordinates is treated as a separate feature.
  • Placemarks with other geometries (e.g. Point) are discarded and hierarchy of KML containers is flattened.
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  • 500kb limit on file uploaded, to avoid killing the server
  • NetworkLinks are ignored.

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