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KML also known as the Keyhole Markup Language is an XML data format for geospatial data. In fact KML can be thought of as the "HTML" for 3-D Geospatial data. I use KML to visualize data on the map in new ways. KML4Earth is created by a developer for developers.

I'm a Google Earth and Maps Product Expert in the Google Help Forums known as jasonm1. This KML4Earth website was initially created to help people in the Google Earth forums for specific problems with either KML examples or tools that I developed to generate custom KML. Now it's also a place to share general purpose KML tools and resources for the larger community of Google Earth users. I was also the Google Earth category supervisor (docjason) in WikiAnswers web site which sadly retired in 2018.

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If you have any feedback about this website or want to send e-mail to me directly then send to kml4earthguy - at - or visit my profile page and click 'Send message' button.

Thanks for giving my website a test drive!

If you have a general question about KML or Google Earth simply post your question to the Google Earth Forum or StackOverflow where either myself or another contributor will be happy to answer it.

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