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logo Center Point

Compute center point for all non-point feature geometries including GroundOverlay bounds

  • For each geometry containing Lines, LinearRings, and Polygons the original placemark is kept in generated KML for reference but flagged as not visible
  • A folder labeled with original placemark name is created
  • Folder also includes a yellow reference bounding box for the original geometry (not visible by default)
  • Includes center point computed from the bounding box in addition to an "averaged" center point as the running average of each point's latitude and longitude if different from than center point
Please select the KML file you would like to use, subject to the following restrictions*:
  • 500kb limit on file uploaded, to avoid killing the server
  • Placemarks with other geometries (e.g. Point, Models) are discarded and hierarchy of KML containers is flattened
  • NetworkLinks are ignored

Paste KML document below:

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